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Since ancient times, metals are commonly used for making jewelry items because they are shiny, strong, versatile, and multi-colored. Different metals have different properties and colors. With the passage of time, popular alloys like bronze, gunmetal, and steel came into existence and were used extensively for making various type ornaments for men as well as women. In this review, we will be considering the pros and cons of few popular men’s bracelets made of different metals.

Gold bracelets

Gold bracelets for men are quite popular in several Asian and European countries. Various karats of gold and alloys of gold are used for designing men’s bracelets. Mens gold bracelets are expensive, but quite attractive and shiny. The downside is that gold bracelets are delicate and they tend to break rather easily.

Copper bracelets

Copper bracelets are quite popular in many countries as they are believed to have various health benefits for the user. Copper has a beautiful reddish shine and is perfect for designing various types of chain bracelets.  Copper bracelets are affordable and attractive, but on long-term exposure to air and moisture, they tend to lose their shine and original color.

Gunmetal bracelets

Gunmetal is a popular variety of bronze and was extensively used for making guns. Bracelets made of gunmetal are sturdy and attractive. However, you may not find a wide range of designs in mens gunmetal bracelet varieties. Also, the dark gray color of the metal might make your bracelet look rather dull after years of usage.


Stainless steel bracelets

Stainless steel is an alloy of steel. Stainless steel bracelets are very common and extensive in demand. They are sturdy, attractive, and durable. They are also entirely rustproof. However, bracelets made of stainless steel can dent over time.