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If you have a man who is not afraid to experiment with fashion accessories, why not get him something different? When we talk of accessories for men, these are usually limited to belts, socks, watches, wallets and other boring items. However, there are different kinds of fashion accessories akin to women that are available for men as well. Here are some tips on what you can get your man, which he will love to flaunt.

Hand accessories

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Among the different fashionable items to explore for men, check out the mens leather bracelets that are available these days. These are unique items that men find hard to refuse. For those who have a bohemian streak in them, giving them a layered hand crafted leather bracelet will surely thrill them and give them a chance to try a handy accessory to put on when they are in causal, outdoor clothing.

Accessories for the neck

Another accessory to explore among fashion items for men is necklaces for men. These are designed to look masculine and lend an aura that men will find to refuse. There are chunky designs in chains or delicate chains like dog chains, with pendants as well as quirky items like decorating Scrabble squares and others.

Are you wondering where to go in order to find the right accessory for your man? There are many leading jewelry stores that have separate sections for men’s jewelry. This will present you with several options. You can check out the images of the items up close and order in, knowing that you can get them replaced in case you are not sure of the design or the look once the item arrives at your home. It will surely be a surprise gift item for your man who will love you for it.