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Jewelry and women are inseparable. When you think of jewelry, you also think of numerous varieties of accessories available in the market. Right from loop earrings, armlets, hair bands, headgears, nose rings, finger rings, hair pins, hair extensions, studded brooches, sashes, and belts. You can turn a simple dress into a stylish one by embellishing yourself with any of these accessories.

Bead Bracelets

Go Minimalistic

If you want to go minimalist, wear a wrist watch with solid strap and also wear bead bracelets that go well with most of the clothes. Leather bracelets only go well with the grunge and the rock chic. If choosing a casual or a bohemian look chooses accessories that have mixed material, such as fabric or glass beads, cabochons, gemstones, or rhinestones, and metallic charms, the choice of accessories are umpteen.


If you are wearing hot pants and a sweet heart tank top, top it with a kimono cover up. Also with this look ballerinas and cleats go well. Do not wear pumps or stilettos with these clothes. You can accessories a sun dress with a hat and strappy sandals. You can wear a simple neck piece to accessorize a classic cocktail dress. Hats, bonnets, stolls, and bags are also the accessories that you can use if using jewelry is not your style.


Create your own style without having to burn your pockets. Use the right kind of makeup when you choose a dress. Glares and shades to make for great accessories. The most common style of footwear that goes well with most of the clothing styles is the ballerinas made of suede and solid colors. If you want to use printed footwear keep the color of your clothes in solid colors. You can never go wrong if you use these simple styling tips when dressing up for any occasion.