Today the modern peoples wear the ornaments based on the climatic conditions. Both genders have used some kinds of dresses in all seasons. In the normal work conditions the men were using the less ornaments when compared to women. In normal seasons the men has like to wear the shirts and pants. Accessories for men using in the summer seasons has minimum one to require because the season has too hot one, and they likely to wear the materials like cotton. But in the summer seasons, they required lot to wear and protected from the environments. To make the fashionable items using the dresses and ornaments. Now the man also uses many ornaments likes to be trendy in the seasons of parties, functions, outings. Especially in the seasons of tours and celebrating moments the men became more stylish when compared to other seasons.

When compare to men, the women also much kind of ornaments even greater than men’s accessories. Women have liked to wear the accessories in all the times, women as more stylish at the seasons of function moments. Women have used many accessories in normally, as their having many kinds of varieties are available in all kinds of stores, but the men having limited stores to buy the accessories. At the time of parties, functions on marriage women like to wear the womens jewelry in lots of style things and they cover the whole looks as stylish one even they are not looking brighter. Women have lots of options to wear the ornaments in all seasons each one of the accessories are different in the all kinds of seasons. So the people nowadays to look more stylish one when compared to olden day the reason behind them they are all economically strong.